2020 Award

Congratulations to the shortlisted Finalists

Riste Andrievski Glenn Loughrey
Godfrey Blow Camilla Loveridge
Christophe Canato Laszlo Lukacs
Olga Cironis Elisa Markes-Young
Rebecca Corps Lucille Martin
Emilio Cresciani Britt Mikkelsen
Joanne Duffy Perrin Millard
Fiona Evans Michael Vincent Murphy
Silvana Ferrario Sonia Payes
Desire Ferreira Denise Pepper
Anna Glynn Julian Poon
Athena Harris Ingall Sion Prior
Tevita Havea Deborah Ralph-Kafarela
Beric Henderson Kathleen Nanima Rambler
Franci Hepburn Darryl Rogers
Leni Kae Harrison See
Vania Lawson Alexandra Spargo
John Teschendorff

The Finalists exhibition has been postponed until 2021 due to the current restrictions around COVID-19. Further updates will be announced.

In this difficult time the Mandorla Committee encourages everyone to live in the spirit of Micah by loving kindness, doing justice and walking humbly with your God. Where you can, please support the arts. We will be providing sneak peeks for the Finalists artworks on social media to inspire.