12 November, 2023

Love as guide in joyful healing.
“Let all that you do be done in love.” Corinthains 6:14
My love of my daily walks along the Kedron brook that has inspired my painting Kedron Brook Quilt 7,9.
The freshly flowing water after the rain revitalizes me.
The majestic kookaburra watching me from above enchants me.
The song of the afternoon rainbow lorikeets lifts my spirits.
The mystery of the hundreds of bats that fill the skies at sunset inspire me with awe.
The stillness of the heron centers me.
The huge Moreton Bay Fig tree protects me.
The butterflies bestow me hope.
These experiences of love, are affirmations of joy.
I transfer these embodied processes into the rhythms of sensation of colour, geometry, line and the watercolor medium.
These processes are transforming and hea