Cherie Joy Payne

22 December, 2023

Christian crucifix front & center, the concept here is a vessel for God’s Love. I work in a north Qld Prison, with fingerprint entry, as per fingerprint background & posed finger reference. I’m often asked ‘how can you work with criminals’. It is about refocusing in a different mindset. I don’t condone the inmates behaviors & try non-judgment as they were once innocent children. I interview prisoners & assist them into education, to reduce recidivism. I feel rewarded in my role & God knows I express Love in what I do & that is enough for me. I’ve worked with both incarcerated youth & now in Programs/Education with adults. Fingerprint lines symbolize my own life-journey in a broken-family, impinged by alcohol & drugs. Without my faith I may have ended-up behind bars & not as a professional.