Patrick Hyde

9 January, 2024

With every embrace, this teen mum chooses to live in love, but raising a child is not something that one accomplishes on their own. It is through the support of others, and here God’s love is found. It is something deep and true. The heartbeat of love is a child, safe within her mother’s arms. The spirit of love is being able to see the preciousness of others, selflessly and unconditionally.
This mother and her child are living for one another, hoping for a better future together. They need love, support, care, guidance and respect. We can see them, so we reach out to lend a hand.

She is, the pregnant girl who was cut from the team. She is, the girl who smokes weed. She is, the girl who traded-in night-time for sleep. She is, struggling to raise her baby. She is, somebody just like me.