Athena Harris Ingall

13 January, 2024

This is my response to a serendipitous encounter with the 14th Dali Lama in 2013. I was looking at a ancient object through the window of the Macleay Museum at The University of Sydney. Thinking I was alone I muttered “That was made with love alone”. An unfamiliar voice said “Yes, definitely”. I was so shocked when I turned to see His Holiness standing beside me, I could not remember how to address him. He laughed and made a circle with his fingers and indicated the hole. I addressed him laughing. Then he was gone. But he has never left me. When I think of him, I feel his warmth. The Middle Ages writings of Dame Julian of Norwich and her words “All shall be well…” also speaks to me of the sustaining sanctuary of love, connections, and the acts of loving kindness featured in this work.