Racquel Cavallaro

23 January, 2024

small bird .sometimes in flight
I sought understanding, why does he speak?
scavenger bird .after the fall
I looked a lifetime
a difficult piece, torn from its insides, painted, scraped back, painted over, a thousand times, understanding happens in a single moment
I loved him, white bird, known only as I know all birds, silent except for the sea.
I loved him,
I love,
you are loved .after the fall
I wept.
In love redeemed, to love, redemption- ‘ let all that you do be done in love’
small bird, scavenger bird, white bird of the sea
I looked straight ahead, do not turn your eyes
as if he smiles, as if he flings himself forward, all the joy of being, he and his shadow self, his death repose
And I love,
small bird. scavenger bird. white bird of the sea