Jacob Fraser Mangan – Greater Love Hath No Man

31 January, 2024

This painting is of the Shrine of Remembrance illuminated at night on the 23rd of November 2023.
Inside the Shrine in the Sanctuary, Greater Love Hath No Man – John 15:13 is inscribed in stone where on 11th Nov 11:00, a ray of sunlight shines on the word love.
This is a reminder that 103 021 Australian Men and Women have given the ultimate sacrifice of their lives for the love of our country.
These people lead their lives with humanity, selflessness, dignity and respect, willing to lay their lives on the line, to help and protect those who couldn’t help and protect themselves.
The Shrine itself as well as all memorials around Australia is a reminder that in the face of evil, hate and adverse morales, love will prevail.