Jo S. Stacey – My Eyes Are On You

7 February, 2024

On this day I knew what I must paint. Had known it since I saw the image galloping toward and into me from the pulpit as the sweet voices sang the words in church. But I was too tired to paint. Every time I made the attempt the days previous I fell asleep on the nearest surface. On this day His quiet voice spoke, “Just put your brush to the canvas and the enemy will fall away.” I was obedient. My arm felt like lead, but the very moment my brush touched the canvas the veil of fatigue and defeat evaporated. I wept throughout. We charged into battle. Wearing His armour made of His Love and Words. Because when we focus on God we walk in Love, we ARE Love. He need be our only focus. We must find every way to express it, to Cloak this earth with His Love and Grace. In His name. Amen.