Karen Chappelow – We are fragile but I am strengthened

12 February, 2024

Looking in through the gothic archway we are a silent witness to love. A saintly motherly figure radiating love glows whilst offering her heart in an unconditional self-sacrificing gesture. Agape love is giving one’s all with no expectation of return. The lotus a symbol of the pure human soul, of agape love, its presence at the highest point is totemic. The lotus is a remarkable flower that blossoms in perfect form, yet its roots lay in a muddy slimy environment –an imperfect world. The bubbles floating in the background are a metaphor for the transient nature of life. It’s inability to sustain its own weight, bursting-highlights the fragility of life and the importance of giving this agape love. This kind of love makes us safe, secure, happy and allows us to blossom like the lonely lotus