9. A Good Foundation: Justice, Kindness and Humilty – Silvana Ferrario (WA)

9 February, 2020

Triptych, cast glass

  1. Justice: 28h x 29w x 29d cms   $ 700
  2. Kindness: 22h x 25w x 25d cms $ 500
  3. Humility: 14h x 15w x 15d cms  $300

“Life can be challenging, and Micah’s words give us a path to rise above everyday difficulties. I have used three chalices to represent this struggle, each one a symbolic colour: justice – blue, kindness – green (with love – pink), and humility – brown. The chalices are made by casting glass using the lost wax method. The cup is hand formed and hand polished. It rises out of the base, cast from a thresher which is traditionally used to beat wheat to remove its seeds. In facing today’s world issues, we would do well to follow Micah’s words.”

Silvana Ferrario is an award-winning glass artist. She began working in fused glass in 2009 and has attended numerous courses with renowned glass artists. She has exhibited around Australia and won several awards, most notably the Gordon Award at Glass+, 2017 and 2019, and was a finalist in the 2017 Tom Malone Prize at the Art Gallery of WA. Her inspiration comes from her experiences, memories and surroundings. She is intrigued by the geometry present in both man-made and naturally occurring structures, and its opposition to the fluidity of the natural elements. Ferrario particularly likes to use the fluidity of the glass when it is hot to give movement to her work.

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