5. A Penitent Woman – Rebecca Corps (WA)

23 February, 2020

Eco-dyed recycled clothing, recycled wood, seeds, gold leaf

90 x 60 cms


“This work is a reflection and renewal of my commitment to act with kindness, justice and humility by seeing Christ in all people and beings on Earth. As an exercise in penitence, I used the cross, a symbol of Christ, to shape pre-worn clothing from family, community and self, reflecting on the times I did not act with humility. Stitching each cross to the next was a meditation on the invisible thread linking all people under God, every one (myself included) deserving to be treated with kindness and mercy. In the same way, using natural materials allowed me to reflect on my responsibility to all beings. And small amounts of gold leaf reminded me – penitence is the first step to humility.”

Rebecca Corps’ previous work as a dressmaker led to an interest in textile sculpture, expanding into steel during a Bachelor of Arts Honours and the creation of two public artworks. A curation of curiosity both in subject and medium, her work incorporates drawing, painting, sculpture and installation with a focus on the inclusion of recycled textiles. Recent work includes a solo exhibition using recycled materials, an ephemeral installation in South Perth, curation, and an artist residency in Finland. This residency provided an opportunity for cultural immersion, resulting in the production of natural sculptures, dyeing and recycled clothing canvases.

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