Do Good, Walk humbly with your God – Margy Timmermans

24 February, 2020

During 2019 my thoughts focused on Micah 6:8 and Ephesians 2:10. Old and New Testaments searching “What is the core of these two messages?” It came to me whilst travelling to Uluru for the first time, the centre of Australia. I was not prepared for the Rock; how the sun set and its’ golden glow going down quickly. Next day at Mutitjulu Waterhole, the line of arid grasses growing in the cracks of the rock formation totally captivated me.
Illuminated manuscripts have always attracted from a very young age. The use of laplis lazuli and gold leaf are striking and beautiful.
Making art for me is a creative language that is full of joyous processes, doing good and walking humbly with my God

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