Herald – Renata Waterfall

24 February, 2020

Im a conceptual realist and I use a lot of symbolism/poeticism in my work to invite and derive meaning,
Im also a Christian and it has been a blessing to work so directly with theological concepts and scripture.

For this piece I wrote a poem to explain in part the imagery.

Throne of creation exuding,
Heavenly beseech,
Foreshadowing loving kindness Christ,
Cannot you be as I have called?
He will come to fulfil,
Death and slumber of the mortal frame,
But he cuts and polishes the soul,
I Am, Love.
Exuding light in The Way,
Where is your light dear one?
For He is light,
Holy Spirit carries the just,
and Israel is cut asunder,
They are fallen but not forgotten.

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