22. Micah transformation through Nature – Lucille Martin (WA)

24 February, 2020

iPhoneography, photo media, Alumalux face mount

120 x 102 cms


“This work is inspired by nature and the recent catastrophic fires in Australia resulting from climate change. It uses very faint, detailed layers of images selected during my awarded residencies over the last 18 months in Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Micah’s theme spoke to me about God in nature, about returning to love, connection, justice and God. My spiritual connection is in nature and compassion for all sentient creatures. The layers are illuminated by the detail of print design with a high gloss Alumalux mounting, which completes the final work. The work is cut in the form of a cross. The cross is symbolic of the journey of humanity at this crucial time.”

Lucille Martin is a contemporary Australian artist with an established professional career in photo-media and multi-disciplinary work which includes community development, higher education and policy advocacy. She is passionate about the flora and fauna of the Australian landscape and environmental issues. In a career spanning 25 years, she has created solo, group and curatorial exhibitions, commissions and residencies. Her work has been peer-awarded via four Australia Council Grants, including a Tokyo Residency from 1994-95 and a Department of Culture and the Arts Western Australian Fellowship in 1996 to work with First Nations’ women in Broome, Western Australia.

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