21. The Golden Rule – Elisa Markes-Young (WA)

23 February, 2020

Found tablecloth, hand-embroidered with Polish proverbs and folk symbols for hospitality, kindness and love, hand-made lace

125 x 150 cms


“Gość w dom, Bóg w dom (guest in the house equals God in the house) is an old Polish proverb. It orders us to serve those who cross our threshold and make them feel at home. It tells us to open our homes to many different people, to tolerate and accept different ways of thinking and acting. It’s easy to help our own, when it’s convenient, or when we expect something in return. The trick is to do no wrong and to help ‘the other.’ These lessons seem forgotten today. We see it in the rejection and treatment of refugees. We see it in the othering of those who don’t look, speak, think, pray, love or live like we do.”

Elisa Markes-Young is a German artist of Polish origins. After multiple migrations, she feels like a stranger; displaced, always in-between, and never arrived. She is caught between two worlds – the here and there, the now and then. In her work, she explores the themes of memory and loss, belonging and childhood nostalgia. She is interested in the conflict between the past and the present; memory and reality; the need to move on and the wish to hold on to something that can never be regained; and the question of what and where is home. Markes-Young lives and works in Margaret River, Western Australia. Her work is held in numerous public and private collections throughout Australia, Germany and the UK.

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