The Hermitage of Treverezent – Michael Doherty

24 February, 2020

My painting is largely symbolic. Based on a design by 15th century Alchemist, Basilius Valentinus, The Path of The Grail. Represented by symbols such as ‘The Hare’ a sign of Alchemy and someone of fleeting thought. To pass the hermit of treverezent one must be harmonised in cognition, inspiration and intuition casting aside prejudice, respecting equality of all, to thread the path of humility. In the words of pasival “Durch Mitleid Wissen” (Through compassion to self knowledge) Other contemplative symbols are also present, such as “The Buddha” taming the monkeys of the mind, Michelangelo’s “Pieta”, a story of a mother’s love and compassion.

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