7. What is Good? – Joanne Duffy (WA)

24 February, 2020

Oil on Belgian linen

100 x 100 cms


“I have chosen to interpret the theme by exploring the balance between God’s guidance, and our sometimes-tortuous path through understanding to decision and action. In today’s world, how do we know what is good? How can we hear the voice of God when we are surrounded by so many voices? We think we know what is good, but how can we be certain we are doing justice? We are challenged not just to see, but to act – but in acting do we always walk with God? My artwork makes use of symbolic colour and composition to illustrate God’s presence and word. The random play of paint evokes how we can lose sight of our path with God and we are challenged to see what is good.”

Joanne Duffy was born in Western Australia. Her paintings draw inspiration from childhood experiences of rural Western Australia and a love of native flora and its environment. Her expressionist approach explores an interest in our landscape and the emotional responses and memories it evokes within us. Her love and use of intense colour and sweeping brush marks create a sense of movement within her paintings, providing glimpses of Australia’s rural landscape. It is these remnants of experience which provide the key for interpretation of both personal and perceived experience.

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