30. With These Hands – Deborah Ralph-Kafarela (WA)

24 February, 2020


7 x 9 x 24 cms


“How do we weigh ourselves? What shall I do today with my hands? I am wanting and broken yet full of compassion for my fellow man and give a meagre portion. To follow the cultural norms of excess and accumulation. There is abundance to overflowing. The symbology of the doing is an act of either kindness or withholding, of justice or of mercy, of giving or of receiving. We are all beggars.

How can I watch? The cry of the poor, the widows and the fatherless. How can I give when I have nothing? Yet, my giving is sufficient for my Lord as He looketh on my heart.”

Deborah Ralph-Kafarela was born in 1968 in NSW and is a professional multidisciplinary artist based in the Perth Hills of Western Australia. Ralph-Kafarela uses symbology, deconstructing modes of communication and language origins directly influencing the current placement of our individual identity, and evokes social activism on local human rights issues – women’s safety, homelessness and freedom of speech within contemporary Australian culture. She studied at Claremont School of Art, Polytechnic West Midland and Curtin University.

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