Past Winners

2022 Winners

Theme: Metamorphosis. “I am about to do a new thing; now it springs forth, do you not perceive it?” (Isaiah 43:19)

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St John of God Health Care Prize Winner $25,000 acquisitive.

CLAIRE BEAUSEIN (WA) Chalice, wild silkworm cocoons stitched together with silk thread, museum insect pins, on cotton rag paper.

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Claire Beausein: “As with a moth’s chrysalis, Chalice holds and shrouds the miracle of transformation.” Judges comments: “The shimmering luminous quality of the work had an immediate impact on all three judges. Exquisitely made, Chalice floats off the background, shimmering with golden, dappled light and shadow, inviting us to imagine, to lay aside old ways of being and sources of authority, and to imagine new futures.”

Highly Commended sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth, $5,000 non-acquisitive.

SUSAN ROUX (WA) Terre Verte, photographic paper, PET thread, body thread, aluminium.

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Susan Roux: “Adrift in rivers that divide and bind lands, I chart a home anew. “Judges comments: “The green heart of her work suggests a future filled with life, if we allow ourselves the time to step aside (like Moses to the burning bush) and perceive it.”

Highly Commended sponsored by the Anglican Archdiocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive.

ANGELA STEWART (WA) The Rider, oil on cibachrome archival photographic paper.

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Angela Stewart’s work suggests details of a narrative, slippages of a forensic trail that may or may not lead to a portrayal. The Rider is a tribute to her son. Judges comments: “The feeling of grief and loss is palpable, and captures the unstoppability of teh prophetic voice – the Divine voice – arising in unexpected places, disturbing and comforting, undeniable.”

Patricia Toohey Painting Prize sponsored by Mercy Community Services $5,000 non-acquisitive.

MICHAEL IWANOFF (WA) fromlittlethings, acrylic, mineral sands, ash, grass tree resin, copper, water, linen, seeds on wood and cotton duck.

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Michael Iwanoff: “A poetic meditation on the transformative seed each of us is able to sow into our awareness, experience and life.” Judges comments: “The sense of movement and transformation acts on microscopic and cosmic levels. The inclusion of symbols of ritual embrace humanity’s commune with the transcendent – be it the Divine Other, or traditions deep and wide – and also draws us forward.”

People’s Choice Prize $3,000

KIRILEE WEST (QLD) 3.42am, oil on panel.

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Kirilee West: “There is an almost palpable sense of fatigue and burnout within hospitals right now that feels arid and unending. I feel it when I walk within these walls. We move together in spaces of care and bear witness to the life and death of those whose care we are entrusted with. We journey together amidst our efforts to find compassion and a  sense of healing. And yet it’s in these small moments that I can see that all along, we were standing together, immersed; covered by rivers in the desert.

Kirilee West is a self-taught artist and has been a Registered Nurse for over 13 years. Working in oil and charcoal, her portraiture and figurative work emphasises connection and emotion, capturing brief but poignant moments in time. She has recently explored the intersection of art and medicine through research and used portraiture to share staff experiences in hospitals. She deeply values art’s ability to convey narrative in a way that moves beyond language and educational barriers.

2020/1 Winners

Theme: “He has told you, O mortal, what is good; and what does the Lord require of you but to do justice, and to love kindness and to walk humbly with your God? (Micah: Chapter 6, Verse 8)

St John of God Health Care Prize Winner $25,000 acquisitive.

BRITT MIKKELSEN (WA) 8200 Souls, found object, resin, LED lighting.

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The draped figure is pierced with 8200 holes, with each hole representing every person who sleeps rough in Australia each night. Mikkelsen said, “this unsettling figure represents the homeless crisis, but the work is also a self-portrait of humility. It asks us to be less judgemental, empasise with others and to love everyone regardless of their situation.”  Judges said the works was beautifully resolved and restrained, relating strongly to the theme of the exhibition as well as being a compelling and well made artwork.

Highly Commended sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive.

BERIC HENDERSON (NSW) The Message, ink and acrylic on canvas.

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Beric Henderson: “The spirit-like figure of nature – empowered by a heart of fire – delivering the message of the prophet in words embedded subtly in the background. I was surrounded by fire in 2019 in Port Macquarie, and this painting is a plea for man to respect both the earth and one another.” Judges said the combination of simplicity and complexity in the works made it stand out.

Highly Commended sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive.

ELISA MARKES-YOUNG (WA) The Golden Rule, found tablecloth, hand-embroidered with Polish proverb and folk symbols for hospitality, kindness and love, hand-made lace.

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The text is an old Polish proverb meaning ‘guest in the house means God in the house.’ Elisa Markes-Young: “It tells us to open our homes to many different people, to tolerate and accept different ways of thinking and acting.” Judges comments: “A celebration of everyday rituals elegantly communicated through this exquisitely crafted work in a familial interpretation of Micah’s imperative.”

Patricia Toohey Painting Prize sponsored by the Uniting Church in the City $5,000 non-acquisitive.

JOHN TESCHENDORFF (WA) History of Ideas Series CXXVI: Invisible Cities 5…to do Justice (Nusa Penida/Guantanamo Bay), diptych, graphite, acrylic, gold leaf, wax.

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Links two infamous homeland security installations in Indonesia and America. “Emerging out of two densely layered fields of subdued colour are two powerful diagonals which anticipate coming together in a yet-to-be imagined future.” Judges comments: “A wonderfully realised work which conveys the failings and contradictions of humanity and its forms of justice.”

People’s Choice Prize Winner $5,500

DESIRE FERREIRA (WA) Oremus, oil on canvas, gold leaf.

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Desire Ferreira: “Oremus depicts a young woman engaged in wordless prayers of the heart. Her stance suggests humility in the presence of God, her deep desire to see the world through the eyes of God and for her to act in the world as God would act. Her folded hands symbolise an invitation to pray, as praying for those who God has put into her life is the greatest act of justice, mercy and humility she can show them. I created impasto textures in Oremus using a limited palette composed of different grey tones to represent reverence and compassion, with a touch of red with gold leaf to represent God. Through Oremus, I endeavour to immerse the viewer into a deep encounter with the heart and mind of God.”

Desire Ferreira has studied art at Claremont School of Art under the direction of D’hange Yammanee for the past seven years and completed workshops with local and international artists. She was a finalist in the Cossack Art Award in 2018, and the winner of the Councillor’s Award at the Town of Claremont Art Awards in 2019. Her paintings include dramatic brush strokes, visual textures and limited colour arrangements to elicit emotional responses from viewers. For this painting, she took a journey of deep reflection about her faith in God, deepening her relationship with Him.

2018 Winners

Theme: Rev 21:1-2 “And then I saw a new heaven and a new earth….”

St John of God Health Care Prize Winner $25,000 acquisitive and People’s Choice Award Sponsored by the Benedictine Community of Holy Trinity New Norcia $2,000 non-acquisitive

MIKAELA CASTLEDINE God is in the House, Crochet cotton, glass and ceramic found objects

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The judge’s commented that this is a beautifully crafted piece that takes ordinary found objects and through the artistic process turns them into the sacred. 

The humble materials of glass, beads and thread have been made into something much more significant.  The feminine craft of the work speaks to the human desire to create architectural forms.  The forms are clearly recognizable as ecclesiastical but from a range of different faiths.

Highly Commended Prize Sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive

SIMON AND NAOMI MCGRATH The First Earth – Sickness and Death, Radiology scans printed on Perspex light box

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The artists take the recognisable ecclesial form of a stained glass window and merge it with a personal journey through medical technology. The images of typically Christian elements of hands, metal protrusions and babies take on a whole new meaning.

It is a personal journey of transition made universal through spiritual architecture turning the visceral, cold and macabre into something that breathes hope. The Christian theological stance that death is not the end of the world is expressed in a surprising way. Iconography is the window to the divine and this window leads to a new and better future.

Highly Commended Prize Sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive

BRIAN ROBINSON Moving with the Rhythm of the Stars, Linocut

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Brian is an artist who straddles multiple cultures and he integrates the idea of mapping the stars in a traditional way with a modern sextant and a view of an ancient Greek god bearing the weight of the world. A mask from his own culture is juxtaposed with the figure of Atlas anchoring this work in timeless forms. How can we think of a new world when the effects of colonialism are still felt and overlaying original cultures? The artist provides metaphors of how we can see the world.  A Utopian vision that is integrated with traditional islander motifs and elements.

Patricia Toohey Painting Prize Sponsored by St Joseph’s Parish Subiaco $5,000 non-acquisitive

JULIE DAVIDSON And I Saw (after John Martin), Oil and resin on wood

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This painting has a contemporary feel in materials linking to popular culture yet depicting a traditional ancient visionary story. The heroic man seems curious about the apocalyptic scene ahead of him yet calmly forges ahead.

The traditional circular shape gives the impression of a lens through which the viewer is looking. As if illustrating a graphic novel the viewer is drawn into a contemporary portrayal of the apocalyptic destruction of the future. The gloss finish brings the environment around it into the picture as if the ‘selfie’ is allowed to be part of the image.

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2016 Winners

Theme: The Resurrection of the Christ

St John of God Health Care Prize Winner $25,000 acquisitive

MEGAN ROBERT The Bread Basket at Emmaus – then Flesh returned to Word, Bible paper and thread

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Here is a whole bible, every printed page carefully rolled up and sewn into a basket in a long process of assemblage. The bread basket brings together word and sacrament, relating to the episode when the resurrected Christ walked with the disciples on the road to Emmaus and revealed himself when he broke bread at Supper. The bread basket is a container but an empty vessel, it speaks of absence and presence, and we found that many possible readings and meanings can be drawn from this humble, yet complex object.

Highly Commended Prize Sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive

CAMILLA LOVERIDGE Over Jerusalem, Oil, wax, polymer and paper fibre on marine ply

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A beautifully worked, tactile painting of a landscape – which she described as ‘the burnt terrain of humanity and life’. Attached to the surface of the painting is a brittle white round shape, which makes the absent body of Christ, present through the host.

Highly Commended Prize Sponsored by the Anglican Diocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive

LIBBY BYRNE Resurrection: A Daily Navigation, Pigment ink prints on Canon Rag Photographique, 310 gsm in a handmade box

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A daily navigation is a set of 50 prints documenting a drawing process, beginning on Ash Wednesday, and continued every day until Easter Sunday. Libby set up this process in order to understand the journey towards Resurrection. She photographed the changing drawing each day, recording its development, which includes scraping back paint, starting again, taking a new turn and transforming the image. This is a process, a meditation that requires time, observation, thought, and persistence.

People’s Choice Award

JULIE DAVIDSON (VIC) Don’t be afraid, oil on linen

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Julie Davidson: A turning point in world history, Jesus resurrection, is the moment for mankind that God’s perfect plan and greatest victory is made manifest. It means we are released forever from the hold and fear of death: O death, where is your victory, O death, where is your sting? The angel’s first words to the women at the tomb, Do not be afraid, are words of solid hope for all who believe in the resurrection.”

Melbourne based artist, predominantly painting large still life and genre paintings. Represented by Linton & Kay Gallery Perth, TVH Gallery Sydney, Flinders Lane Gallery Melbourne. Julie has had 19 solo shows, she has been a finalist in several major awards & her work is represented here and overseas.

2014 Winners

Theme: I Kings 19:11-13 “Elijah meets God”

St John of God Health Care Prize Winner $25,000 acquisitive

PAUL KAPTEIN Untitled, Hand-carved laminated Paulownia wood

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This work makes solid “The Contours of Emptiness”, as the artist expresses it. The laminated timber sculpture, carved in the manner of a classical marble bust,
works well as a metaphor for an inner stillness that came over Elijah as he became aware of the silence after the preceding tumult. The work is technically very refined. Soft undulating folds of the cloak close around a clenched hand at the throat and the prophet’s mantle frames a faceless font or vessel into which we can capture and dissolve our thoughts. The single hole in the chest explodes into a multitude at the back, as if the subject is being violently shot through with a revelation. There is an edgy ambiguity here that points to the prophet as a marginalised, subversive truth-teller while being suggestive of the hoody of a teenager. It has a telling presence.

Highly Commended Prize Sponsored by the Uniting Church in the City $5,000 non-acquisitive

STEPHEN FEARNLEY Elijah Meets God, Photomedia

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The hand of Man reaching out for the hand of God is a powerful and simple image. The work plays out the symbols of traditional religious iconography – through the positioning of the fingers – in an arresting, confronting manner. This is emphasised by the distorted perspective of the hand and arm. The expressiveness of the hand also acts as a map of a person’s life, marking out the past and suggesting a destiny at the same time.

Highly Commended Prize Sponsored by the Catholic Archdiocese of Perth $5,000 non-acquisitive

AARON MOORE YHWH, Watch a video about this artwork

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A single idea based on naming the sound of God, the life force itself, whispered breath after breath, is realised through this four-minute video. A bearded man (Could it be the prophet Elijah perhaps?) is filmed in close up and made exposed and open in this meditative act that taps into the mystical in the best sense. That physical expression of the spiritual is even more pronounced as each exhalation condenses and evaporates on the lens, drawing in the viewer in a way that is unsettling and familiar at the same time.

St John of God Health Care Prize for Youth Prize Winner $5,000 acquisitive

JULIAN POON Elijah Hears God, Acrylic paint and texta on canvas

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This solid work depicts Elijah shunning the face of God in his humility amid the broken landscape after the ravages of wind, earthquake fire. Emergent plants in Elijah’s cave symbolise the restorative promise of the future. The picture draws on powerful iconography suggestive of Medieval and Byzantine art, as well as the style of contemporary graffiti.

People’s Choice Award Winner $5,000

JOS COUFREUR Elijah, Acrylic

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This solid work depicts Elijah shunning the face of God in his humility amid the broken landscape after the ravages of wind, earthquake fire. Emergent plants in Elijah’s cave symbolise the restorative promise of the future. The picture draws on powerful iconography suggestive of Medieval and Byzantine art, as well as the style of contemporary graffiti.

2012 Winners

Theme: Galations 4:4 – “Born of a woman”

St John of God Health Care Prize for Youth Prize 

JOHN PAUL Palm Sunday, Gouache and pastel 120 x 120

Highly Commended

THELMA CLUNING We Honour our Women Textiles, fibres 85 x 100

Highly Commended 

RODDY DARLINGTON Reverence, Oil and acrylic on canvas 160 x 160

St John of God Health Care Prize for Youth Prize 

JULIAN POON Jesus, born of a woman Texta on canvas 122 x 91

People’s Choice 

DEBBIE WALKER TREMLETT The Gift of a Promise Oil on canvas 105 x 75

2010 Winners

Theme: Luke 10:25-37 “Who is my neighbour”

St John of God Health Care Prize Winner $25,000 acquisitive

ANNETTE ALLMAN Caring in a competitive world Oil
Watch a video about this artwork

Highly Commended & People’s Choice

BOB BOOTH I am your neighbour Oil on canvas 140 x 150
Watch a video about this artwork

The Mandorla Youth Art Award

EMMA ITZSTEIN Neighbour X Mixed media print 42 x 60
Watch a video about this artwork

Highly Commended

JÁNIS NEDÉLA The golden rule Acrylic on canvas 144 x 144
Watch a video about this artwork

2007 Winners

Theme: The Passion, Death and Resurrection of Christ (Mark 14:43–15:41, John 20:1–21)

The Mandorla Art Award Prize

CONCETTA PETRILLO Without finding any motive for his death, they condemned him and asked Pilate to have him killed Oil on canvas 167.5 x 122.5
Watch a video about this artwork

Highly Commended

MICHAEL KANE TAYLOR Untitled Mixed media

DIANA HARDY Symphony of Christ Mixed media

People’s Choice

JOAN JOHNSON White vinegar I – three days Glass, water, metal

2004 Winners

Theme: Whatsoever You Do for the Least of them, You Do for Me (Matthew 25:40)

Joint Winner

MICHAEL KANE TAYLOR Pedilavium Digital print on paper on canvas 56 x 70
Watch a video about this artwork

Joint Winner

LEA KUHAUPT Verse for the millions Acrylic on canvas 127.5 x 118
Watch a video about this artwork

2002 Winner

Theme: Images of Christ (Matthew 4:18–22, Mark 1:40–45,
John 15:12–17)


The enigma of Christ Oil on aluminium 121 x 101 Watch a video about this artwork

2000 Winner

Theme: Incarnation – The Birth of Christ
(John 1:14)


Born for you Oil 96 x 120 Watch a video about this artwork

1996 Winner

Theme: The Greatest of these is Love
(1 Corinthians:1–13)


Blue for faith love and hope Acrylic, coloured pencil on paper 42.5 x 37 Watch a video about this artwork

1994 Winner

Theme: The Prodigal Son
(Luke 15:11–31)


At the Gates Wood, bronze, copper 53 x 127 x 40 Watch a video about this artwork

1992 Winner

Theme: Glory as our Destiny
(Romans 8:18–23)


Circumnavigation of the Soul Oil 72 x 168 Watch a video about this artwork

1991 Winner

Theme: Peace I leave with you, My peace I give you (John 14:27)


Jurien — peace I leave with you Oil 59 x 141 Watch a video about this artwork

1990 Winner

Theme: The Annunciation
(Luke 1:26–38)


Ante lucem Acrylic on Board 30 x 24.5 Watch a video about this artwork

1989 Winner

Theme: Prepare the Way of the Lord (Isaiah 40:3)


Samson, prepare the way Acrylic on canvas 86.5 x 73.5

1988 Winner

Theme: Trust in Divine Providence (Matthew 6:26–34)


Trust in providence 122 x 153, unframed Watch a video about this artwork

1987 Winner

Theme: The Glory of God is Man Fully Alive (John 10:10)


Standing with light Oil on canvas 170 x 190 Watch a video about this artwork

1986 Winner

Theme: Christ – The Word of God (John 1:1–4)


Logos Oil on canvas 153 x 197.5, unframed Watch a video about this artwork

1985 Winner

Theme: Creation (Revelations 15:3)


Re-creation Acrylic on canvas 170 x 185 Watch a video about this artwork

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