1. Riste Andrievski (NSW)

14 March, 2021


First Blessing

Photograph 91 x 69cm

Artist Statement

“This photograph is of a new priest just ordained to the sacred priesthood of Jesus Christ. Here is his first blessing showing the requirement of him to do justice, to work through love and kindness and to work with God as a mortal.”

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Riste Andrievski is an emerging photographer, shooting mostly in black and white, documenting a visual biography of his surroundings and influences. He trained formally in art school in Australia, with printmaking a major area of interest until four years ago when he switched to photography. His work has been acquired by regional galleries in Australia, and he has been a finalist in major photographic prizes including the 2019 Bowness Prize, The 2019 Olive Cotton Award for photographic portraiture, the 2018 Moran Photographic Prize and was a finalist in the 2018 Australian Photographic Awards.

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