10. Desire Ferreira (WA) People’s Choice winner 2021

12 March, 2021



Oil on canvas, gold leaf
86 x 112 cms

Artist Statement

Oremus depicts a young woman engaged in wordless prayers of the heart. Her stance suggests humility in the presence of God, her deep desire to see the world through the eyes of God and for her to act in the world as God would act. Her folded hands symbolise an invitation to pray, as praying for those who God has put into her life is the greatest act of justice, mercy and humility she can show them.

I created impasto textures in Oremus using a limited palette composed of different grey tones to represent reverence and compassion, with a touch of red with gold leaf to represent God. Through Oremus, I endeavour to immerse the viewer into a deep encounter with the heart and mind of God.

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Desire Ferreira has studied art at Claremont School of Art under the direction of D’hange Yammanee for the past seven years and completed workshops with local and international artists. She was a finalist in the Cossack Art Award in 2018, and the winner of the Councillor’s Award at the Town of Claremont Art Awards in 2019. Her paintings include dramatic brush strokes, visual textures and limited colour arrangements to elicit emotional responses from viewers. For this painting, she took a journey of deep reflection about her faith in God, deepening her relationship with Him.

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