10. Tania Ferrier (WA)

3 April, 2022


She springs forth

Inkjet print and acrylic paint on fine art paper, 82 x 80cm



Artist Statement

“She springs forth, free from the past, strong, centred, happy in her skin at any age.

For Mandorla I am interested in the theme of ‘freeing from slavery’ and creating a strong, spiritual female identity who springs forth – a new woman in a new age.”

About the artist

Tania Ferrier is currently working in collage, painting and photography, exploring past and present perceptions of female identity. In 2021 she received a $15,000 grant from DLGSC to explore this theme further for an exhibition at Fremantle Art Centre in August 2022. Her work recently showed in the Know my Name exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia in 2021 and featured in the new book Doing Feminism by Anne Marsh.

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10. Tania Ferrier (WA)

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