11. Anna Glynn (NSW)

12 March, 2021


love kindness…walk humbly…

Digital video, mp4, 4 mins

Artist Statement

love kindness…walk humbly… was born out of my response to our recent local catastrophic bushfires. In my studio, surrounded by smoke and uncertainty, I gave consideration to what was important to pack for evacuation. We left and the wind changed, carrying the fires away from us over the mountain and into Kangaroo Valley, wreaking devastation. After the initial fires subsided, I began to record Kangaroo Valley’s blackened landscape, walking carefully through the smouldering bush. At last, the rain is falling, and the charcoal trunks and ashen ground are sprouting fresh, new growth as nature rebounds and the community rallies.

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Anna Glynn creates visually poetic work which investigates the connection between humans and nature, land and place, the physical and the ephemeral. Her diverse art practise incorporates multimedia, painting, drawing, moving image, animation, sculpture, installation, photography, writing, music and sound. Nature, history, ecology and the environment are essential elements of her practice and integral to her work, with curiosity being a key component and driver. Her international interdisciplinary art and science collaborations explore landscape and nature to create site-responsive artworks examining the amplified response a physical engagement with the natural environment evokes.

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