11. Robert Gear (WA)

3 April, 2022


All Flesh is Grass

Oil on linen, 122 x 122cm



Artist Statement

“The title of this painting refers to the transitory nature of all human life. The natural world has existed in a continual state of flux, evolving and transforming since the beginning of time. Our presence mirrors the natural world. A finite time travelled on a pathway of chaos and order. The physical and the metaphysical, the emotional and the spiritual inexorably transmuting and metamorphosing, searching for peace, purpose and understanding.”

About the artist

Robert Gear is a visual artist based in Perth, whose paintings draw on personal imagery and experiences from his life. Memories, artifice and imagination imbue an aesthetic that resists straightforward interpretation. His work offers a pathway to connect his audience with common beliefs, a sense of history and shared experiences. Ultimately, he shares his vision of the world so that others might recognise something that they might otherwise not have noticed.

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11. Robert Gear (WA)

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