14. Beric Henderson (NSW)

12 March, 2021


The Message

Ink and acrylic on canvas
100 x 75 cms

Artist Statement

The Message is an artistic response to the words of the Prophet Micah. My first instinctive visualisation related to the bushfires we experienced in NSW, where communities rallied and true character shone brightly amidst so much devastation. My artwork is an abstract reflection of this, with a spirit-like figure of nature – empowered by a heart of fire – delivering the message of the Prophet in words embedded subtly in the background. I live and paint in Port Macquarie which was surrounded by fire and engulfed by smoke from mid-to-late 2019, and this painting is a plea for man to respect both the earth and one another and to do the right thing by future generations.

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Beric Henderson’s studio is located in the centre of Port Macquarie, NSW. His art practice is based chiefly on painting and drawing. He has been exhibiting since 2002, with 13 solo shows, and contributed to more than 50 group exhibitions. Henderson has a background in science and art and explores the many layered connections between humans and the natural world. In 2019, several of his paintings were shown in Venice as part of an international exhibition about climate change and the environment.

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