14. Kirsten Hudson (WA)

3 April, 2022


This Fragile Present Moment (A Dirge For Sweet Things Lost)

Hand-made cameraless film: 16mm film (found footage buried in garden for 12 months), pressed sympathy, forgiveness and condolence flowers saved from the last 14 years, sound generated using a MicroFreak synthesier connected to an PlantWave (a bio-data sonification device) attached to commemorative plants in my garden. No post production. Film digitsied (telecined) using a DIY frame-by-frame optical printer,  aspect ratio 1.37:1 (16mm)

Edition of 7, $7,000 each


Artist Statement

“This Fragile Present Moment (A Dirge for Sweet Things Lost) is a cameraless 16mm film collaged with 14 year’s of pressed sympathy flowers interpreting the ‘Stages of Grief’ into a map for a transformative hero’s journey. The soundscape is produced via synthesiser connected to a bio-data sonification device that transforms the electrical biorhythms from commemorative plants in my garden into audio, allowing them to sing their own dirge of loss and hope as they grow, die and are reborn.”

About the artist

Kirsten Hudson creates film, performance and objects that visually register, perform, or speculate upon, human, non-human, and other-than-human experiences and embodiment. She publishes on subjects such as: the experience of maternal loss; ethics/aesthetics of performance; collaborative transdisciplinary pedagogy; bio-art and the materiality of “life”; and also dystopian literature. Hudson has a PhD in Fine Arts and Cultural Studies and is currently a Screen Arts and Photography lecturer at Curtin University.

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14. Kirsten Hudson (WA)

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