15. Franci Hepburn (WA)

12 March, 2021


Justice, Kindness and Humility or Date Palm, Castor Bean and Hyssop

Triptych. Ink, wood panel, oil paint
62 x 138 cms

Artist Statement

“I drew biblical plants as symbols of justice, kindness and humility. In the first panel, I reference the date palm tree inspired by the Israelite judge Deborah, who distributed justice under the palm tree. Justice is linked to honesty.

The central panel is constructed around the castor bean or palm of Christ, the plant God provided to shelter Jonah. God had compassion on Jonah and on the Ninevites. I see kindness as an act, not an abstract concept.

The third panel, humility, references hyssop used for purification. When King David repented of having Uriah killed in battle, he humbled himself before God and asked to be washed with hyssop.”

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Franci Hepburn completed a Master of Design and Art at Curtin University in 2019. She has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions such as Extra-Curricular, 2020. She draws small points directly on wood with permanent ink. In this poverty of materials, mistakes are part of her methodology, suggesting human fallibility.

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