15. Miriam Innes (Qld)

3 April, 2022


22.16 metres and falling

Silt, earth, water, preservative on synthetic paper, 15 x 142cm



Artist Statement

“A rise of ecological, man-made and natural disasters provoked a change. The murky water and sepia trees forged an ancient setting. Acknowledging the Gubbi Gubbi people, I acquainted myself with land mediums, entrusted in the transformation and scenes began to emerge. The Book of Job tells us that humans must live in harmony with nature and seek to learn from its wise and mysterious ways. We are encouraged in life to build bridges, seek reverence; safeguard our natural habitat and each other.”

About the artist

Pursuing beauty in unassuming places, Innes is lured to urban locations, sharing her experiences of cities with specific focus on escapism while utilizing an inclusive approach. Her choice of natural medium reflects upon her childhood spent in Ireland’s bog-lands. She has exhibited widely across Australia and internationally. Awards include Abu Dhabi Evision Media’s Emerging Artist Award, People’s Choice Award for the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize and Local Artist at the Du Reitz Art Award.


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15. Miriam Innes (Qld)

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