16. Michael Iwanoff (WA)

3 April, 2022



Acrylic, mineral sands, ash, grass tree resin, copper, water, linen, seeds, on wood and cotton duck, 144 x 137cm



Artist Statement

“Fromlittlethings is a poetic meditation on the transformative seed that each of us is able to sow into our awareness, experience and life. Through the contemplation of metaphors embodied in the painting, including seeds safe in a pocket under the mantel and water evaporating from the copper receptacle, we are able to connect with the subtle, multifaceted and transformative dimensions of ourselves. It is this metamorphosis that is honoured and that so exquisitely grows the joy of being.”

About the artist

Iwanoff has exhibited for over 40 years in local, national and international exhibitions. His work is featured in prominent national collections and major Western Australian and national publications on contemporary art. His integrated life/practice is grounded in the appreciation of our relationships and connections to the natural world, the built environment, each other and ourselves. His works are offered as multidimensional, poetic places for reflection, curiosity and our imagination.

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16. Michael Iwanoff (WA)

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