18. Glenn Loughrey (Vic)

12 March, 2021


An Apology to Micah 6:8 The Violence at the Heart of White Australia

Acrylic on art board, glass, table, ashtray
42 x 61 x 61 cms

Artist Statement

This work looks at the normalised violence against Aboriginal people by white Australia. It recognises the failure of a Christian settler population who continue to refuse justice and equity to Aboriginal people, despite speaking the language of Micah 6:8. It contains images of a built environment alongside red crosses representing massacres of Aboriginal people. Whiteness surrounds a darkness at the centre of the table-top where a pre-1960s ashtray sits, so you can stub out your cigarette on an Aboriginal child’s face. The table is a well-used coffee table from a local op-shop.

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Glenn Loughrey a contemporary urban artist who identifies as Wiradjuri. His practice is a fusion of Western perspective and Aboriginal mapping using acrylic paints applied with a wooden meat skewer. It is an extension of the post 1970s contemporary Australian art which began in Papunya Tula. Loughrey’s practice is largely political, presented with vibrant colours enhanced by adding various mediums. He explores flowing lines within landscapes to see what will appear as the lines move across the painting. Loughrey has been a finalist and semi-finalist in the 2017 and 2018 Doug Moran Portrait Prize.

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