18. Rupert Jack (SA)

3 April, 2022


Maku Maku

Stoneware, 34 x 28cm



Artist Statement

“Maku is important for Anangu as food and of how beings can grow in positive ways. Maku travel underground for a long time and eventually grow nyalpi (wings) and start a new way of being. They evolve. They shed their old ways and become new again. As a pastor I can see strong connections between our Tjukurpa (stories) and the Bible. There was always Tjukurpa and God together. God was always with us, in our stories. I try to pass this knowledge on to our young people to keep our stories alive.”

About the artist

Mr Jack is a senior artist at Ernabella Arts and is also the community pastor. He is renowned for his striking hand-built forms that speak of his country, law and faith. His work depicts the maku (witchetty grub), tjala (honey ants), ili (bush fig) and kaltu kaltu (bush seeds) as well as biblical stories of Moses and Abraham. Informed by his knowledge of both traditional stories and the bible, his work often draws connections between the two.

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18. Rupert Jack (SA)

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