2. Jordan Andreotta (WA)

3 April, 2022



Oil paint on board, 40 x 124cm



Artist Statement

“The ghosts of my triptych inhabit a stark environment, conducting monotonous domestic tasks, whilst trapped in a repetitive cycle. My artwork examines the negative physical and psychological barriers Covid-19 has brought to our population. Because of this significant lifestyle change, many people have become ‘ghosts’ of their former selves.”

About the artist

Jordan Andreotta is a Perth-based artist and teacher of the visual arts. He specialises in a range of mediums including drawing, painting, digital and mural art. He holds a Bachelor of Arts (Art) and a Diploma of Education. His latest series of paintings incorporates ghosts as metaphors for human experiences, including grief and loss.


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2. Jordan Andreotta (WA)

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