20. Laszlo Lukacs (WA)

12 March, 2021



Acrylic on poly-cotton canvas
124 x 155 cms

Artist Statement

“Charity, Love and Introspection each on its own and together encapsulates all that makes us human. Whether we choose to respond with our true nature, knowing that which is right from that which is not, is the choice of the individual.”

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Laszlo Lukacs been practising as a professional artist for 45 years. He left Hungary with his parents in 1956, living in Italy for three years before arriving in Australia at the end of 1959. He spent three years at the National Art School of Sydney, was a graphic artist at the ABC, Sydney, and gained a Diploma of Fine Arts at Curtin University. He also lived and exhibited yearly for 15 years in London.

“I work in various mediums and, over decades, my work has evolved to be truly my own vernacular. My work emanates from an eclectic approach to visual language, related to human psychology and neurology.”

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