20. Woochang Kim (NSW)

4 April, 2022


Nest/Subtitle: Home

Ceramic, 1.27.5W x 27.1L x 11.5H. 2. 21W x 21L x 17H. 3. 10W x 10L x17H



Artist Statement

“Since COVID 19, everyone has had a difficult time – refugees and migrants, who had had no choice but to leave their hometown, were not fully protected and had to have a harder time. As wild creatures build nests to protect themselves from external hazards, raise babies and store food there, Nest is created hoping migrants and refugees work hard to protect themselves in new environments without giving up in difficult situations and have happy daily lives.”

About the artist

Woochang Kim is a contemporary artist of ceramics living and teaching in Sydney Australia. In his 19 years as a ceramic artist, Kim has mastered both traditional and creative techniques of ceramics. He endeavours to capture the human emotions and expressions through his ceramics. Kim has received both a bachelor’s and masters degree in ceramic craft from Kookmin University in Seoul, Korea.

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20. Woochang Kim (NSW)

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