22. David Ledger (WA)

4 April, 2022


After the last judgement

Oil on linen, 149 x 120cm



Artist Statement

“The icon of the last judgement is an ancient image seen throughout Christian art, both East and West. It symbolically represents the end of the cosmos and its rebirth as a new creation. The icon is traditionally placed on the west wall of a church, for the faithful to consider as they go out into the world. It is an image of hope in the midst of contemporary turmoil. I wanted to make a version of this icon as a way to remember Christ’s promise that in the Resurrection he will make all things new.”

About the artist

David Ledger is a Western Australian artist specialising in oil painting. He completed a Bachelor of Fine Art at Curtin University and studied classical drawing and painting at the Florence Classical Art Academy in Italy. He has exhibited in Australia and abroad including solo exhibitions in Perth and Hong Kong. His work utilizes traditional media and techniques. A common thread in his work is related to ideas of place, where both material and metaphysical planes closely link and reflect one another.

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22. David Ledger (WA)

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