24. Perrin Millard (Qld)

12 March, 2021



Video projection of painted images and dry ice performance
mp4, 2.27 mins

Artist Statement

“The present is shaped by history’s constructive and destructive attributes – attributes which are viewed with mixed objectivity and bias. Using the history of art as a road map, I look at skyscapes as a ‘vehicle for meaning,’ to consider our simultaneous timeless and tenuous place in the world. The sky, and the feelings of reflection and reverence it entails, is something familiar to everyone. Its magnitude and allurement lends itself towards a contemplation of spirituality, infinity, and self-reflection. We are humbled beside the gift of its perfection and recognise its power and capacity remains beyond our authority; we are but its guardian and it, our harbour.”

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Perrin Millard is a Brisbane artist with a dual background in classical and visual arts training, and is currently completing an Honours in Fine Arts. With a particular interest in the connections between classical, historical and contemporary art practices, Millard utilises immersive and interactive works to portray how our senses recall experiences and how we engage with our histories through nature. As well as exhibiting in Brisbane hospitals in 2014, 2015, 2017, 2018 and 2019, Millard has been a finalist for multiple awards, including South Australian Museum Waterhouse Prize in 2018, and is a recipient of the Country Women’s Association of Australia’s Still Life Award in 2014.

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