24. Anne McCaughey (WA)

4 April, 2022


Seeds of Change

Oil on canvas, 150 x 100cm



Artist Statement

“In a changed world, threatened by disaster, the physical and mental act together in a transformative process to spread love, knowledge and growth in a non-ending cycle.”

About the artist

Anne McCaughey is a visual artist who has been living in Western Australia for a third of her life. Her home was the troubled land of Northern Ireland until she forged a new life here. Her practice is defined through investigation of issues of identity and place, of intrusion, of ephemerality and development of resilience. Her exhibitions include The Lester Prize, Perth (2021), the National Capital Art Prize, Canberra (2021), the Portia Geach Memorial Award, Sydney (2020), 2019 the Minnawarra Award, Western Australia (2019), and the Stanthorpe Prize, Queensland (2018).

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24. Anne McCaughey (WA)

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