25. Clyde McGill (WA)

4 April, 2022


Lies that were once the Truth

Acrylic, conté, charcoal on found cotton canvas and silversark, 149 x 139cm


Artist Statement

“During this pandemic, perhaps before, I have watched as truth has disintegrated, crumbled, been reduced to false truth, fake truth, and finally, lies. Then purveyed into the face of those who won’t hear, won’t see.
This painting addresses the written lies that can’t be read, the spiritual power of truth, the aftermath for our whole planet and the possibility of hope through transformation.”

About the artist

Clyde McGill is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose interests include justice, politics, citizenship, aesthetics and materiality. His practice is in painting, print, drawing, text, among other methodologies. He exhibits in Australia and internationally and his work is collected by the National Gallery of Australia, The British Library, the Art Gallery of Western Australia and other significant collections. He lives and works in Fremantle.


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25. Clyde McGill (WA)

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