27. Ron Nyisztor (WA)

4 April, 2022



Oil on canvas, 120 x 140cm



Artist Statement

Sends out a dove
The dove ascends

The dove descends
The dove returns

Peace is lively
Like a dove

Active below
Rising above

“Recently I have been painting mobius bands, in a simple way they describe possibilities beyond our grasp. I am interested in how we navigate concepts greater than ourselves. Change proves constant, and the medium is engagement.”

About the artist

Ron Nyisztor is a mid-career Western Australian artist who has been exhibiting regularly since 1989. His practice involves the use of a wide range of materials and subject matter to produce works in specific series that follow inspired themes. They communicate a sense of the metaphysical as expressed through unlikely or extra-ordinary means. With the use of relatively unassuming subject matter and skillful painting techniques his works pursue a logic of intrigue.


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27. Ron Nyisztor (WA)

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