28. Nick Offer (ACT)

4 April, 2022



Oil on canvas, 95 x 85cm


Artist Statement

“I wanted to address the theme of metamorphosis both literally and metaphorically. Regarding the literal approach: the figures crouching to pray become one with the landscape to imply unity with nature. The metaphorical reading is conveyed in the way that the mountain range evokes the vast scope of the figures’ prayers (and the mountains echo their shape and colour). Finally I hope the black background beyond the cropped tableau of sky and landscape implies the infinite beyond appearances.”

About the artist

Nick Offer is a figurative painter currently living in Canberra. A theme he often returns to in his work is the human need to achieve transcendence in some form, usually through religion and often in a struggle with earthly desires. He has exhibited in Australia, the UK, Spain and Belgium, with works is in private collections in Europe, UAE, Australia, New Zealand and the USA, and has a solo exhibition at the M16 Artspace in Canberra this May.

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28. Nick Offer (ACT)

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