29. Sion Prior (WA)

12 March, 2021



Giclee print
45.72 x 68.58

Artist Statement

“I was drawn to the idea of being directly ‘told’ or ‘shown’ what God requires of us, and wanted to create a self-portrait depicting that moment of illumination. There’s a contrast between the etherealness of my upturned face and long, heavenward-reaching arm, and my feet, which are firmly planted, broad and long, like the planks of wood they rest on, jutting out from my calves at obtuse angles, like strong roots required to sustain a tree’s upward reach for light. My starkness and the focused spotlights reflect the simplicity of what God requires: the highlighting of the head and feet, showing we already have all we need to, ‘do justice, and to love kindness, and to walk with humility.'”

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Sion Prior is an emerging artist and writer. His art practice primarily consists of photography, video and poetry, and is driven by a humorous and eccentric exploration of masculinity, the male body, religion and mysticism. Through art Prior tries to extract from his circumstances and experiences all that is comic, magical and poetic, and to induce in his audience a striking sensation of otherworldliness. His art draws extensively on Christianity, finding particular inspiration in the ideas and imagery of the Pentecostal roots in which he was raised. At the age of 18, he was a founding member of the (now non-operational) Liberty’s Gate church and ministry.

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