3. Christophe Canato (WA)

12 March, 2021



50 x 150 cms

Artist Statement

“My work is a longstanding examination of the male gender identity in religious and cultural contexts. The ideas of belonging, inclusion and rejection was the starting point of my early research for this work.

Inspired by the Bible’s Micah 6:8, Compassion expresses desire to know more about what this inspiring verse teaches about the issues of justice, mercy and humility.

Sometimes based on symbolism and folklore, I create my own universe where the staged male body expresses ambiguities between form and representation. Norm and difference broaden the spectrum of reflections in order to deliver physical and emotional compositions such as idolatry or fantasies.”

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Christophe Canato is a French-Australian artist who has lived and worked in Perth since 2005. He received a DNSEP in 1989 (comparable to an Australian Masters degree in Fine Arts), and photography became his first and primary tool to express himself as an artist. Canato’s visual art career began after winning the 1997 prize of the Paris Salon de la Jeune Création. Over the past two years he has exhibited in group exhibitions at the Bunbury Biennale and the Midwest Art Prize in Geraldton, as well as winning the Wanneroo Art Award and Minnawarra Art Award. His work was recently exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra.

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