29. Sonia Payes (Vic)

4 April, 2022


Transmutation 1

Bronze, 17 x 53cm



Artist Statement

“Transmutation 1, a vertical bust of my muse truly went through a strange metamorphosis or transmutation. This work is beautifully amphibious alike to Ichthys, a potent symbol of belief of two intersecting arcs resembling a fish. Ichthy, was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of shared belief of those victimised and persecuted by the Romans beliefs – a symbol that could swim undetected through Roman nets. This sculpture forms a symbol of hope in a world much in need of change.”

About the artist

Sonia Payes, an Australian artist, has fused her foundational photographic practice with analogue, digital and sculptural forms. A strong environmental narrative permeates he works and the cycle of re-creation is explored in her wildly dystopian landscapes, portraits and sculptures. Payes works nationally across Australia and internationally with her art works being held in both public and private collections.

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29. Sonia Payes (Vic)

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