31. Darryl Rogers (Tas)

12 March, 2021


For that One Moment

HD video
mp4, 1.49 mins

Artist Statement

“For That One Moment is a video work exploring existence, time and connection. When a seemingly mundane moment, in the midst of our busy lives, is slowed and contemplated, something new comes to light; something about the nature of our humanity, where the solidity of harsh reality falls away to reveal a moment of compassion and beauty in a simple gesture of kindness and love.”

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Darryl Rogers is a Tasmanian time-based media artist. His work has been shown extensively across the world, including Times Square NYC, LOOP Barcelona, FACT UK and the UMW Media Wall USA. Rogers’ work has been exhibited across Australia, including Vivid Sydney, TMAG, Artentwine, MonaFoma and most recently The Blake Prize 2021, as well as having works collected by Artbank Australia, QVMAG and many international private collections. A number of his motion artworks stream permanently on Apple TV and Amazon Fire. Rogers’ work explores the deep conviction that the construct of reality is but a small part of a greater metaphysical other

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