30. Denise Pepper and Matthew McVeigh (WA)

4 April, 2022



Uranium glass, shou sugi ban survey pickets, UV Lights, 80 x 100cm



Artist Statement

“not be conformed to this world but be transformed….” Now if you try to transform a pig, it will end in defeat.” Romans 12:2

“Large-scale use of fossil fuels marked the transition from a manufacturing economy to an industrial one. How we transition from fossil fuels to renewables will determine whether we will be the ‘pig’ that ends in defeat or the transformation that saves us. The materials speak of rejuvenation, resilience, hope and warning as a horizon in a burnt out landscape of survey pegs.”

About the artists

Denise Pepper is fundamentally a glass artist who has been working in public sculpture. Matthew McVeigh is an interdisciplinary artist working across visual arts and theatre design. Both artists have been collaborating together for a few years on public art projects and have bought their practices together working with unfamiliar materials – uranium glass and carbonised wood (shou sugi ban). Both artists explore the materiality and conceptual meaning of art making.


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30. Denise Pepper and Matthew McVeigh (WA)

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