32. Harrison See (WA)

12 March, 2021


Earthfire Valley

Triptych, oil on board
101 x 141 cms

Artist Statement

“Earthfire Valley responds to Micah 6:8 by highlighting our choice to pursue what is good when confronted with chaos. An assemblage of iconography and symbolism, this painting is an allegorical response to the current global social and ecological tensions. Tensions envisioned in the ominous scenes of dissonance surround both sides of a valley path. Navigating this valley, a lone protagonist either resigns to the overwhelming distraction or pursues truth – a choice reflected by the changing of the central panel. This alternating central panel aims to disrupt the static qualities of the painted image, while a complex narrative rewards an extended engagement with the work.”

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Harrison See is an emerging artist interested in allegory that navigates cultural divergences and tensions. Through paint, See constructs figurative landscapes rich in symbolism, and exploring hybrid spaces between cultural communities. He has exhibited and undertaken residencies both locally and in Asia, is a New Colombo Plan alumnus, and is a recipient of the Louise Macfie Painting Prize and the Ellenbrook-Swan Art Award. Currently, See is a PhD candidate funded by a Research Training Program Scholarship at Edith Cowan University; this research explores how cross-cultural collaboration can lead to new understandings of a hybrid Australian identity.

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