33. Alexandra Spargo (WA)

12 March, 2021


Father of Mine

Oil on canvas, used teabags
91.4 x 121.9 cms

Artist Statement

“There are those whose goodness and kindness come as no surprise. My father, Roy, was one of those people. I recently learned of these qualities in his life through his interactions with others in his unconditional investment of time helping troubled boys, including the care shown to a young, crippled boy whom he helped to walk and talk. Another revelation was the great respect an Aboriginal Elder held for him, describing him as ‘White Head’ (a description referring to the halo usually depicted in spiritual paintings of Christ) and letting the community know he was a good man. The veil of teabags represents the basics of communication by sharing a billy of tea, along with a good yarn, as Roy often did.”

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Alexandra Spargo is an emerging artist who completed her Bachelor of Contemporary Arts at Edith Cowan University in 2019. Her initial training in Realism Portraiture was undertaken through Claremont School of Art under the tutelage of mentor and artist, John Paul. Her subsequent work encompasses varied styles of portraiture, including pet portraits. She is currently working on a series of Australian birds in watercolour and is designing and creating a wall mural for a large woodworking company.

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