32. Tania Price (Tas)

4 April, 2022


The Mission

Oil on canvas, 97 x 137cm



Artist Statement

“This image is based on a media photograph intended to illustrate a specific news-worthy event. Translated through paint, and outside of its original context, its aim is different. In paint, we sense human resilience, energy, and the determination to overcome adversity – the need to act, regardless of circumstances. With the active participation of both artist and viewer, the painting provides the potential for transformation – a sense of us working together for a greater, if unknown, purpose.”

About the artist

Now living in Tasmania, Tania Price has a professional background in media and communications. She began studying art 12 years ago, resulting in a PhD investigating what happens when the images of daily, global news reports form the basis of painting. She continues to explore this concern, maintaining her interest in how the media determines our understanding of things happening in the world, and how art might enable a deeper connection to the circumstances of others.

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32. Tania Price (Tas)

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