33. Jordan Richardson (NSW)

4 April, 2022


The Lumberjack

Oil on canvas. 137.5 x 97cm



Artist Statement

“The Lumberjack is a painting that addresses discourses of masculinity in contemporary society. This striking portrait of a male youth illustrates a young man on the precipice of change, the space between youth and adulthood. The sitters contemporary clothing and hot pink arm cast firmly place the figure in a current context, imagery that is heightened by the Romantic landscape we find him standing in.”

About the artist

Jordan Richardson is a mid-career painter whose work wistfully explores a formalist application of paint. The act of painting for Richardson is an investigation into the medium, its history and use as a storytelling device. Richardson’s imagery is diverse but is largely informed by historical painting. He has been an Archibald Prize finalist three times and is represented by Michael Reid Sydney + Berlin.


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33. Jordan Richardson (NSW)

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