34. Brian Robinson (Qld)

4 April, 2022


Constructing the Constellations

Linocut, 150 x 75.5cm



Artist Statement

“What Torres Strait Islander people see in the sky is much grander than the cosmos. Like an ancient cartographic map, the sky holds valuable information about culture and customs. This knowledge is transferred between generations. According to ancestral narratives, Torres Strait people go through a phase of metamorphosis upon their deaths. They are transformed into stars and are placed in the night sky. In this way, the spirit world did not exist on a separate heavenly plain.”

About the artist

Brian Robinson has carved out a distinctive presence within Australia’s art scene. Raised on Waiben, he has become known for his prints, sculptures and public art that read as episodes from narratives, revealing the strong tradition of storytelling in his community. His artworks present an intoxicating worldview. A constellation of detail absorbs you into spaces that are foreign yet familiar, creating a sense of disorientation and surprise.

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34. Brian Robinson (Qld)

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